Wednesday, May 06, 2020


Israel Has No Time To Prepare For A Land War With Hezbollah Sometimes - as with Russia in 1941 - a nation has sufficient time and strategic depth to remedy logistical shortfalls.

Netanyahu-Gantz unity government takes shape amid 11th hour wrangling The nervous distrust marking the maneuvers leading up to the May 7 deadline for 61 MKs to present a government is unlikely to derail the Netanyahu-Gantz government coalition deal.

Friedman to 'Post': To annex, Netanyahu must tell Abbas he'll negotiate state Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must offer Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to negotiate, based on the establishment of a Palestinian State in 70% of the West Bank, for the US to support Israel moving forward with annexing the other 30%, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman told The Jerusalem Post.

Pandemic boosts Palestinian PM as potential Abbas successor One man has become the face of the Palestinians' response to the COVID-19 crisis, and it's not President Mahmoud Abbas.

Israel plans thousands of new settler homes ahead of Pompeo visit Israel announced a plan for thousands of new Jewish settlement homes in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday as Washington voiced readiness to back de facto Israeli annexations there.

When Judges Rule: A Comparison between the US and Israel Were the Supreme Court of Israel to decide that Benjamin Netanyahu is legally prohibited from forming a government in which he served as prime minister because he is under indictment, it would be usurping the role of the Knesset (which has not enacted such a prohibition) and the electorate...

Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the US: A Slippery Oil Triangle Oil relationships are as unstable and volatile as romantic ones. Following a deadlocked OPEC summit in February, Moscow and Riyadh announced they would ramp up production, sending already low prices tumbling.

Will Turkey's Army Once Again Punish Assad For Breaking A Syrian Ceasefire? Assad's forces have often not lived up to their military commitments.

US ambassador says Washington 'ready to recognize annexation' within weeks David Friedman tells newspaper that applying sovereignty in parts of West Bank is up to Israel, as long as it's done within framework of Trump peace plan.

Rare Astronomic Occurrence: Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower, Super 'Flower' Moon to Happen Simultaneously On Wednesday night, the annual Eta Aquarids meteor shower will be visible around the world.