Thursday, March 26, 2020


Netanyahu and Gantz said forming unity government; Blue and White collapses Likud incumbent will hand over to Blue and White rival in September 2021 under reported deal; angry Lapid heads to opposition; Gantz set to be Knesset speaker till unity pact done.

This is what unity government would look like With reports of a unity gov't agreement drawing closer, here's a look at what the probable coalition would look like.

Political crisis proves Israel needs constitution The term "anarchy" was ubiquitous this past week in Israel's political discourse, unrelated to criticism of the government's handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Watch - Gaza Imam: Coronavirus is 'Soldier of Allah,' to Harm West but Spare Palestinians, Muslims An Imam in Gaza said in a sermon broadcast on Hamas TV that coronavirus is a "soldier of Allah (God)" sent to harm Western countries while not affecting Palestinians and Muslims.

Turkey and Coronavirus: Devout Muslims Will Defeat the "Jewish Plot" Turkey appears to be handling the coronavirus crisis relatively well, although its low case numbers reflect the low number of tests being administered.

Russian aid to Italy leaves EU exposed Russia's military planeloads of aid to Italy to combat the spread of coronavirus have exposed the European Union's failure to provide swift help to a member in crisis and handed President Vladimir Putin a publicity coup at home and abroad.

Iran refuses to release Christian prisoners despite coronavirus outbreak "According to Islamic law, it is a crime to turn from Islam. The regime has always made an example of its Christian convert detainees to serve as a warning to others."

Israeli leaders open up nuclear bunker in war on coronavirus The Israeli government has opened up a war bunker in the Jerusalem hills to help coordinate its campaign against the spread of the coronavirus, Israeli officials said on Thursday.

Friends Or Enemies? Russia And Turkey Are Butting Heads Over Syria The death of 33 Turkish soldiers in an airstrike in Syria's northwestern Idlib province on 27 February brought the number of Turkish fatalities in Syria to around 50 for the month.

Covid-19 is Putin's perfect storm - his response, not the constitutional referendum, will decide his political future In his coronavirus address, Vladimir Putin promised to squeeze the rich and install safety nets for the vulnerable. With the Russian economy additionally hammered by the oil price drop, this begins the true test of his presidency.