Friday, May 31, 2013


* Assad: Arab world ready to join fight against Israel Syrian President Bashar Assad told Al-Manar TV on Thursday that "there is pressure by the people to open a new front on the Golan."

* Netanyahu Tells Putin: We'll Destroy S-300s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu hinted in a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin that if Russia sends S-300 missiles to Syria, Israel will destroy them before they become operational.

* State Dept.: Iran Increased Support for Global Terrorism in 2012 Iran boosted in 2012 its support for global terrorism to levels not seen for two decades.

* Merkel and Hollande call for full-time euro President One day after he rejected EU "dictates" on economic policy, French leader Francois Hollande and Germany's Angela Merkel have called for the creation of a full-time euro "President."

* Russia to provide Syria with MiG-29 fighter planes The head of aircraft maker MiG said on Friday that Russia was counting on providing Syria with 10 MiG-29 fighter planes.

* Palestinians, US upset by east Jerusalem building Israeli officials on Thursday tried to douse a diplomatic fire Channel 10 ignited with its report about two building projects in Jewish neighborhoods of east Jerusalem.

* US calls for honest talks with China on cyber threats US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel has called for honest dialogue with his Chinese counterparts about cyber threats and online spying.

* Eurozone unemployment reaches new record high in April Unemployment in the eurozone has reached another record high.

* In a hospital parking lot, Israel prepares for chemical war The IDF's Home Front Command on Wednesday simulated a chemical weapons missile strike in the capital with thousands of wounded and hundreds of dead.

* Netanyahu to spend another $350 million so every Israeli has gas mask Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking Thursday at a meeting concluding this week's Home Front drill, instructed government ministries to equip all of Israel's residents with gas mask kits.