Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Syria proclaims control of borders with Israel = Iranian/Hizballah forces now face IDF Golan positions Three glaring inaccuracies appeared in the Syrian claim on Tuesday, July 31, that its army had won control of the entire border with Israel, which failed to credit Hizballah and pro-Iranian Shiites.

Syria boots IS from Golan Heights, retaking full control of frontier with Israel Assad forces complete six-week-long bloody campaign to regain command of war-torn country's southwest corner for first time in seven years.

Russian ambassador to Israel: We can't force Iran to leave Syria Anatoly Viktorov says Iranian-backed forces have a 'very important role' in fighting opponents of Assad regime.

Russia's endgame in Syria: Iran for Ukraine? Russia wants to use the gains it made in Syria as a bargaining chip with the US on Ukraine and the economic sanctions.

Iran's long game in Syria While the Obama administration was joyous over its nuclear deal with Iran, they paid little or no attention to Iran's efforts supporting terrorists in the Middle East and their increasingly active involvement in the Syrian civil war.

Caroline Glick: The Stakes in Syria Continue to Rise The threat that Iran will choose to initiate a devastating war in the Middle East, from its perch in Syria, continues to rise.

The Secret Reason Arabs Reject the Jewish Nation-State Law Some Israeli Arab leaders speak disparagingly about Israel for publicity.

Eurozone Economic Growth Slows, Inflation Accelerates as U.S. Trade Talks Loom Eurozone economic growth eased to its slowest pace in two years last quarter, according to an early estimate from the region's statistics office, but a faster reading for currency area inflation suggests the European Central Bank will likely keep its current interest rate and asset purchase plans in place despite the unexpected weakness.

The Legitimacy of Israel's Nationality Law Upon passing the Nationality Law in Israel's Knesset (Parliament) by a vote of 62 to 55, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took to the podium and declared, "One hundred and twenty-two years after Theodore Herzl published his vision we have enshrined into the law the basic principle of our existence."

Majority of Israeli Jews Support Nation-State Law, Polls Determine 61% of Israeli Jews do not think the law will impact the Druze community's commitment to the state of Israel, one poll found.