Saturday, January 05, 2013


* UN report predicts likely global economic downturn in 2013 The global economy risks sliding back into recession.

* Rebel strongholds bombarded in Syria Syrian ground and air forces bombarded rebel strongholds on the outskirts of Damascus and other areas around the country.

* 'Our mission is to save Jerusalem,' Abbas tells Fatah supporters in TV address to huge Gaza rally Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party staged a massive rally Friday in the Gaza Strip.

* Egypt's Islamic Jihad: Jews Deserve to be Killed The Islamic Jihad terrorist group has vowed to fight Jews if they return to Egypt.

* Morsi: No peace with descendants of apes and pigs Israeli-Palestinian negotiations are "a waste of time and opportunities" as Arabs and Muslims get nothing out of engagement with "the descendants of apes and pigs," current Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi asserted.

* 'PA officially changes name to State of Palestine' The Palestinian Authority officially changed its name to the State of Palestine.

* I'll make 'damn sure' big companies pay their tax, says David Cameron The world's most powerful leaders must mount a concerted effort to prevent multinational companies such as Starbucks and Amazon legally avoid large corporation tax bill.

* Construction is complete on behemoth airship; first flight planned A massive cargo-carrying airship has taken shape inside one of the 17-story wooden blimp hangars at the former military base in Tustin.

* 'Obama set to nominate Hagel for defense post' US President Barack Obama appeared poised on Friday to pick former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel as the next US defense secretary.

* US troops arrive in Turkey to man Patriot missiles U.S. troops have started to arrive in Turkey to man Patriot missiles meant to protect the NATO ally from potential Syrian warheads.