Saturday, June 11, 2016


Syria: Bombings rock Damascus suburb Sayyida Zeinab  At least 12 people have been killed in suicide bomb attacks on a suburb of Damascus which is home to Syria's holiest Shia shrine, state media say. 

After 'historic' Russia visit, Netanyahu says US remains top ally  Stressing warm ties with Moscow, PM says there's 'no alternative' to Washington's friendship, but Jerusalem seeking other 'partnerships' as well. 

Ramadan: Month Of Jihad  As Muslims struggle to increase their devotion to Allah, expect more mass murder. 

Palestinians celebrate terror attack in Tel Aviv, Saudis strongly condemn  Following the shooting, Salma al-Jamal, a Palestinian news anchor working at Al-Jazeera TV, wrote on Twitter: "The Ramadan operation is the best answer to stories about 'peace process'." 

Dirty Bomb Attack Risk Increasing with Russia-US Tensions  Tension between Russia and the West may be distracting them from cooperating to prevent an accidental nuclear confrontation or a dirty bomb attack by militants, nuclear policy experts said on Tuesday. 

Moscow threatens response as NATO encircles Russia  American warships entering the Black Sea will prompt 'response measures' from Moscow, a top Russian diplomat has warned, adding that another US aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean is clearly an attempt to show force ahead of an upcoming NATO summit. 

Major and Blair say an EU exit could split the UK  Sir John Major and Tony Blair warned a vote to leave the EU will "jeopardise the unity" of the UK as they campaigned together in Northern Ireland. 

Istanbul bombing another sign Syria, Iraq war spreading to Turkey  Former Turkish lawmaker tells Post the perpetrators seem to have employed a dual strategy: attacking security forces while also damaging Turkey's tourism sector. 

ISIS burns 19 Yazidi women alive in a cage  The women were brutally executed in front of hundreds of spectators for refusing to sleep with their ISIS militant husbands. 

Op-Ed: A gentile-friendly guide to the Shavuot holiday  A gently humorous primer on the holiday from The Lid.