Wednesday, August 15, 2007


* 'Hizbullah has big surprises in store' Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said his organization was not interested in another bout of fighting with Israel.

* J'lem: Syria is still arming Hizbullah Neither Israel nor Syria are interested in a war so there is no reason for one to erupt.

* Deadly Iraq sect attacks kill 200 At least 200 people have been killed in a series of bombings apparently aimed at a Kurdish religious minority group in northern Iraq.

* 'Nobody can strike the Kabba in Mecca' A Saudi official has condemned a radical US Republican presidential candidate's recent comment that the best way to deter a nuclear terrorist attack on America would be to threaten to retaliate.

* Hamas pleased with European 'U-turn' Hamas officials in the Gaza Strip said Tuesday they were encouraged by the "positive" change in the position of some European countries toward the Islamist movement.

* Iran Guards 'join US terror list' The US is preparing to designate Iran's Revolutionary Guards force as a foreign terrorist unit.

* Save the Jordan, too The Dead Sea is shrinking fast. As the World Bank puts it, "The water level of the Dead Sea has fallen over 20 meters in less than 50 years.

* Netanyahu wins Likud leadership Former Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu has been re-elected as leader of the main right-wing opposition party, Likud.

* India celebrates 60th anniversary India's prime minister has called for the country to do more to fight poverty, ignorance and disease, as it celebrates the 60th anniversary of independence from British colonial rule.

* Ocean's 'missing link' discovered Australian scientists have discovered a giant underwater current that is one of the last missing links of a system that connects the world's oceans and helps govern global climate.