Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Turkey downing of Russia jet 'stab in the back' - Putin  Russian President Vladimir Putin has bitterly condemned the downing of a Russian jet on the Turkey-Syria border. 

Putin: Russia will not tolerate such crimes as attack against its Sukhoi-24 plane  According to the president, the attack against Su-24 plane in Syria goes beyond normal struggle against terrorism, and it is "a stab in Russia's back" delivered by "terrorism accomplices". 

What are the implications of Turkey downing Russian jet?  Analysis: Russia's aggressive, unilateralist policies made such an incident almost inevitable - but will Moscow now move to deescalate? 

Silent Night Played While Abortion Performed on ABC Show  The producers of ABC's popular prime time drama Scandal, decided to include shocking imagery of baby killing, as well as audio promoting anti-family propaganda, in their winter finale episode titled, "Baby It's Cold Outside." 

Dystopia now: NY trains decked with Nazi symbols The promotional campaign for a new TV show, 'The Man in the High Castle,' has resulted in Nazi insignias being plastered over seats in New York subway trains, causing outrage on social media. 

US backs Turkey over downing of Russian jet  US military says Turkey warned Russian jet 10 times before shooting it down, but can't confirm which side of the border it was on. 

Brussels clampdown to last another week but schools to reopen on Wednesday  Brussels remains on high alert this Tuesday after the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel cited a 'serious and imminent' threat that justifies keeping the highest alert level operational for at least another week. 

Abbas: Israel changing Temple Mount status quo, executing Palestinians  In statement to UN, PA president repeats charges vociferously denied by Jerusalem; Erekat makes similar claims ahead of Kerry visit. 

Islamic State Plans Suicide Aircraft Strikes in Iraq  Islamic State terrorists are seeking experts to repair captured military aircraft for future use in suicide attacks against U.S. and allied forces in Iraq. 

Egypt and Israel fight efforts to reduce peacekeeping troops in the Sinai  There have been concerns about the safety of the almost 1,900 peacekeepers after six were wounded in September by a roadside bomb.