Saturday, January 21, 2017


Palestinians protest Trump while violence flares in DC  Arab leaders congratulate Trump, while voices of concern are worried by new US leader's plans for Muslim world; over 200 arrested in DC, despite low turnout for the ceremony; alt-right leader Richard Spencer is punched in the face by an unknown protestor; police say six officers were injured in scuffles. 

Turkish MPs back constitutional reform, triggering referendum on sweeping powers for Erdogan  Turkish MPs have approved a constitutional reform package that would place remarkable executive powers in President Erdogan's hands. 

Islamic countries condemn planned U.S. embassy move  Organization of Islamic Cooperation rejects actions that could undermine PA's ability to claim Jerusalem for a state. 

'If you can't bring Middle East peace, nobody can'  Trump expresses confidence in son-in-law Kushner as Middle East Envoy, praises entire cabinet. "There's not a pick that I don't love." 

Inauguration: Sweeping going on in America  Donald J. Trump has been called all sorts of names, but a "secular Cyrus" has not been the one heard the most in the media.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia: The end of an alliance?  Cairo and Riyadh retain mutual interests on Iran, but have clashed on Syria and relations with Russia. 

Donald Trump protests: Washington leads global rallies  Hundreds of thousands are gathering for a "Women's March on Washington", part of a global day of protests against new US President Donald Trump. 

Le Pen: Nationalism will sweep across Europe in 2017  At conference of far-right groups, French populist says continent will 'wake up,' following in the footsteps of Brexit and Trump's victory. 

Israel hails 'new era' of relations with President Trump  Officials vow to make alliance between two nations 'greater than ever,' even as security services prepare for possible unrest due to Trump policy changes. 

World jittery about Trump's "America first" inaugural speech  From Japan to Afghanistan, from Mexico to South Korea - global citizens follow the new president's first day in office with a mixture of cautious hope and trepidation.