Tuesday, February 04, 2020


Kushner should know that Muslims already pray freely on Temple Mount Analysis: In an Egyptian media interview, Kushner takes credit for getting Israel to allow Muslims to pray in Jerusalem, even though that's been the case for decades.

Trump Deal Forces Rabbis Against Jewish Pilgrimage to Temple Mount to Reconsider Stance Unlike many previous powers that had ruled Jerusalem, and had destroyed the holy sites of other faiths, the State of Israel is to be commended for safeguarding the religious sites of all and maintaining a religious status quo.

Twitter cites 'Iran & Israel state actors' after suspending researcher who exposed new user-data flaw Twitter, in a post so reassuring it's alarming, says it stopped possible state-backed actors in Iran and Israel from exploiting its features.

EU's top diplomat warns against Trump Middle East peace plan, annexation  "Steps towards annexation, if implemented, could not pass unchallenged," EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said in a statement.

Israel blasts "unfortunate" threat by EU Foreign Ministry responds to EU High Representative statement that application of sovereignty would not go "unchallenged."

Iranian youths praise Khamenei, singing about Israel's end "Israel is facing its end," "Death to America!" and you will hear "the glad tidings of the death of the government of Saudi Arabia,” they sang.

'I think it's Israel': How Orthodox Jews became Republicans Like most of his Orthodox friends, Richard Goldberg was raised a Democrat. But by 2000, Goldberg had affixed a Republican congressional campaign bumper sticker to the maroon Lincoln Town Car he drove to his Orthodox Jewish high school in Chicago.

"Trump Plan is Poison Wrapped in Candy," Say Jewish Settlers You'd think they stand to gain the most, but Jewish settlers see Trump's plan as a great threat.

Attacks in the Sinai raise alarms over Egypt-Israel gas deal While the attack on the pipeline was one the first in many years, its timing suggests that security concerns underline any energy agreement.

80 percent of US Jews say they are pro-Israel, study finds Still, more than half of American Jews are critical of Israeli policy, with 39% saying that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's support for the US President made them feel less connected to Israel.