Wednesday, January 29, 2020


After Trump deal unveiled, Jordan warns of 'new reality' on Temple Mount Statement from Islamic Affairs Ministry in Amman does not directly mention US plan that calls for allowing members of all faiths to pray at the site.

Trump's 'deal of the century' is about ignoring Palestinian rights & legitimizing Israel's occupation - Turkish President Erdogan Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has blasted a plan for resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict presented by Donald Trump, saying the proposal is a blatant attempt to 'legitimize Israel's occupation' of Palestinian territories.

U.S. sees no imposed change to 'status quo' around Al-Aqsa mosque A U.S. proposal for Israeli-Palestinian peace does not call for imposing any change to prayer arrangements around a key Jerusalem mosque compound which was also the site of ancient Jewish temples, a U.S. official said on Wednesday.

Iran's Kahmeini vows 'satanic' US peace plan will not be realized Supreme leader calls Trump proposal for solving Israeli-Palestinian conflict 'evil,' says 'Jewishization' of Jerusalem is 'unwise'.

'Trump's Peace Deal is Akin to Decree of King Cyrus Paving Path For Third Temple' says Israeli Politician While people on both the Arab and the Israeli side are still considering the possible implications of President Trump' 'Deal of the Century' revealed on Tuesday, one insightful Israeli declared it to be "the declaration of Cyrus in our time."

Arab Israelis reject Trump's 'transfer' plan Several Arab citizens, community leaders and politicians condemned the talk about placing their cities and villages under Palestinian control as racist and dangerous.

Fatah threatens anyone supporting the deal of the century - in song on Fatah Facebook Yesterday, when US President Trump revealed his Middle East peace plan - the deal of the century - Abbas' Fatah posted a song that threatens anyone who supports and follows the plan.

Trump's Realpolitik Approach to Middle East Peace The Trump administration's approach to the issue of peace in the Middle East differs from that of previous US administrations in that it is based on facts on the ground as they have evolved over time.

White House releases the map of Palestinian state under Trump peace plan High-tech manufacturing site, residential and agricultural area to be added to Gaza under Trump's vision.

This peace plan comes with a map, why is this significant? - analysis What is significant, is that this is the first time any plan has come with an actual map.