Thursday, June 02, 2016


Europol: Jihadis stockpiling explosives in Europe  Terrorist cells all across the EU are likely stockpiling explosives for future attacks, warned Manuel Navarrete Paniagua, Head of the European Counter Terrorism Center at Europol. 

IDF troops simulate Hezbollah warfare  Camouflage, Kalashnikov rifles, and planting bombs were all a part of the Nahal Brigade's recent drill simulating warfare against Hezbollah. 

* "Jerusalem was ours and will remain ours," PM says  In Jerusalem Day Knesset session, Netanyahu rules out a return to pre-1967 divided city, slams 'absurd' UNESCO resolution. 

Netanyahu to meet Putin in Russia next week  Kremlin announces Netanyahu will visit Russia next week to discuss a wide range of international issues with Putin. 

Jewish presence in Jerusalem in 2014 on the increase, study shows  Overall growth rate of Jewish population in Jerusalem shows stark increases, while Arab rate on the decline; Statistics serve to undermine political claims that the capital is heading toward a 50-50 Arab-Jewish demographic. 

Lebanon: Hezbollah Digging Tunnels Into Israel  In marking the 16th anniversary of Israel's withdrawal from southern Lebanon, the Lebanese newspaper Al-Safir reported that the Hezbollah terrorist militia is busy digging tunnels under the Israeli border in preparation for future conflict. 

Merkel Warns U.K. of Isolation If Brexit Camp Wins Vote  German Chancellor Angela Merkel made her strongest intervention in the Brexit debate so far, warning that the U.K. would be isolated and lose influence if it leaves the European Union in the referendum in three weeks' time. 

Falluja offensive: Final push some way off  "There's not much going on - why are you in such a hurry?" says Gen Abd al-Wahhab al-Saadi, commander of operations in the Iraqi government's campaign to drive the fighters of self-styled Islamic State out of Falluja. 

Netanyahu announces 'Jerusalem Jubilee' plan  PM welcomes three new ministers into government, lays out plan for massive investment in the capital. 

Europe Braces for More Jihadist Attacks  European security officials are bracing for potential jihadist attacks at public venues across Europe this summer.