Thursday, September 27, 2007


* "Sweet" Feast of Tabernacles For the upcoming Feast of Tabernacles, Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianki welcomed children of all ages to a Candy Sukkah (tent) set up in Safra Square, downtown Jerusalem.

* Gaza: 11 Palestinians killed in IDF ops Eleven Palestinians were reported killed as violence in the Gaza Strip heated up Thursday following a barrage of Kassam rockets and mortar shells.

* Iraqi Sunni leader meets Sistani Iraqi vice-president and Sunni leader Tariq al-Hashemi has held talks with Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, Iraq's most senior Shia cleric.

* Abdullah, Mubarak appeal to PA factions Jordan and Egypt urged the Palestinians on Wednesday to cast aside their differences to make way for peace and statehood.

* Turkey, Iraq in 'Kurd rebel deal' Turkey and Iraq have agreed on a deal to allow Turkish forces to cross into Iraq to pursue Kurdish rebels.

* Saudi FM calls summit 'encouraging' Saudi Arabia's foreign minister described as "encouraging" his talks with US officials about a proposed Mideast peace meeting.

* Warner takes Hollywood to Abu Dhabi Warner Brothers, Time Warner’s film and TV division, has launched an “unprecedented” multibillion-dollar partnership to develop a media and entertainment hub in Abu Dhabi virtually from scratch.

* Russia promises retaliation if weapons deployed in space Russia is ready to take appropriate measures if weapons are deployed in space, the commander of the Russian Space Forces said Thursday.

* Saudis worried Iran nuclear issue headed to 'confrontation' Saudi Arabia's foreign minister said here Wednesday that Iran's standoff with Western powers over its nuclear program is heading toward a "confrontation."

* Rabbis set up alternate kashrut authority for produce in 'shmita' year Religious-Zionist rabbis announced Tuesday that they have established an alternate kashrut authority to provide certification for produce in several cities during the shmita, or sabbatical, year.