Monday, November 18, 2013


Putin calls Iran's leader, sees chance to end nuclear row The Kremlin said Putin and Rouhani had spoken by telephone at the Russian leader's request.

EU 'civilian' mission training paramilitaries in Libya The EU's "civilian" border mission in Libya is in fact training paramilitary forces, amid a wider European and US effort to stop Libya becoming a "failed state."

New Iranian Combat Drone 'Can Reach Israel' The 'Fotros' can fly 2,000 kilometers and stay in air 30 hours, armed with air-to-surface missiles.

Report: Mossad working with Saudis on contingency plans for potential attack on Iran 'Sunday Times' quotes diplomatic source as saying Saudis are furious over Iran deal and are willing to give Israel "all the help it needs."

Hollande Lays Out Four Conditions for Iran Agreement French President insists on four points for an agreement with Iran over its nuclear program.

Louie Gohmert Cites Bible As Foreign Policy Guide On Israel: 'The Bible Is Accurate' Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) took to the House floor Wednesday for a speech on the Obama administration's Israel policy, using the Bible for guidance.

Turkey's secularists alarmed over rise of Islamic 'moralism' Turkey's secularists alarmed over rise of Islamic 'moralism'

Lawmakers Warn: US Military 'Not Ready to Deploy' Senior lawmakers warn US military unprepared to deploy as a result of military budget cuts; danger to soldiers as training reduced.

Nasa's Maven Mars mission set for launch The US space agency (Nasa) is all set to launch its latest mission to Mars.

Hollande urges 'total halt' to settlement construction Hollande urges 'total halt' to settlement construction