Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Jordan security services 'shut Muslim Brotherhood HQ'  Islamist organization cries foul, alleging government is attempting to influence upcoming regional election. 

Iraqi government in final throes of collapse?  100 MPs stage sit-in demanding that president, PM and speaker be removed, charging that sectarian quota system is being covertly maintained. 

'Temple Mount visits caused current terror wave'  Veteran journalist blames national-religious paper for 'inciting' current Intifada. 

Israel sending message to keep 'status quo' on Temple Mount  Security officials working to send 'messages of calm' over Mount after months of PA incitement against Jews over the site. 

Senior IDF source: Security forces foiled many recent mass-casualty Hamas terror plots  Source says coming Passover holiday could see 'unstable respite' shattered due to Hamas attack or renewed Jerusalem tensions. 

Watch: ISIS claims partial control of Palestinian camp in Damascus  ISIS-affiliated media claim to show takeover of parts of the Yarmouk Palestinian camp which has mostly been under the control of al Nusra Front for a year. 

29 German soldiers have joined ISIS, army may contain dozens of jihadist sympathizers - report  German counter-intelligence believes that at least 29 former soldiers from the country have left to join Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. 

Undaunted by Arab terror, Shiloh's Jews look towards renewal  In the ancient Hills of Samaria, in the shadow of the ancient Tabernacle, terrorism is just a blip in a chain of Jewish destiny. 

Passover Sacrifice to be reenacted facing Temple Mount next week  MKs, leading rabbis and other public figures to attend event, as public interest in reviving ancient practice grows. 

CIA behind Panama Papers leaks, says 'most significant financial whistleblower of all time'  Financial whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld, who helped expose American tax evaders hiding assets in Swiss banks, has little doubt the Panama leaks scandal was crafted and orchestrated by the CIA.