Saturday, April 23, 2011


* West Bank conference: Intifada possible in Sept In the absence of a diplomatic breakthrough, a Palestinian uprising may break out in September, a popular leader in the West Bank predicted Saturday

* Jerusalem: Masses mark Easter Saturday Thousands of devout Christians attend annual Church of Holy Sepulchre ritual symbolizing Jesus' resurrection.

* Rights group: EU must end 'faustian pact' with Syria With the death count in Syria jumping up drastically, Human Rights Watch (HRW) has said the EU should impose sanctions on the al-Assad regime or risk missing a historic opportunity to shape events in the Middle East.

* Muslim Brotherhood calls for Sharia law, 'punishments' in Egypt The Muslim Brotherhood has gone public with its stance on Islamic rule in Egypt.

* Libya: US confirms first Predator strike The US military has confirmed the first strike by an unmanned Predator drone aircraft in Libya.

* 'Merkel to advise Abbas against unilateral state push' PA president scheduled to meet German chancellor next month; 'Der Spiegel' reports she will tell him not to seek UN statehood resolution.

* Report: Turkey shows support for Palestinian efforts to seek UN recognition Turkey's Ambassador to the UN reportedly says the Palestinian Authority has proved they deserve to attain internationally recognized statehood, while the Turkish president says an Israeli-Palestinian deal is essential for peace in the region.

* Quake research mission to 'ring of fire' An expedition is getting under way in the South Pacific to investigate one of the most seismically-active fault lines in the world.

* Hundreds show solidarity with Darfur in Tel Aviv rally Demonstrators in Levinsky park call for a "no-fly zone for Darfur," say they want to raise awareness for Darfur situation in Sudan.

* 'Mubarak detention extended over Israel gas deal' Prosecutors to question former Egyptian president on natural gas deal they allege amounts to "hurting country's interests," 'NY Times' reports.