Saturday, May 18, 2019


A U.S.-Iran confrontation will inevitably include Israel Analysis: There are four likely scenarios in which the Jewish state will find itself under attack by Tehran and/or its proxies, and Israeli defense establishment is not taking the threat lightly.

In a war with US, Iran could have these proxies fighting by its side Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad in Gaza have arsenals of rockets aimed into Israel, while tens of thousands of Shiite Muslim fighters across region are beholden to Tehran.

The Iranian Government's 40 Years of Hatred Towards America The argument that the US must take an apologetic stance towards the theocratic establishment of Iran is being repeatedly made without the evidence of any effectiveness to back it up.

Palestinian TV Show: There is no such thing as Israel "The Palestinians there [near Haifa] need to emphasize to everyone that this area is Palestinian.”

Is a Geostrategic Shift in the Middle East in the Offing? Washington is doing itself a great disservice by alienating Ankara and Tehran simultaneously.

Saudi State Newspaper Urges U.S. ‘Surgical Strikes’ to ‘Bomb Iran’ “Surgical strikes” by U.S. forces against Iran are needed to curb the Islamic republic’s increasing regional belligerence, a state-affiliated Saudi newspaper has warned.

Danny Danon's Bible speech goes viral Danon presented the "four pillars" that link Jews to Israel and read a Bible chapter in Hebrew while wearing a kippah (skullcap).

In 6 weeks, the Iran confrontation went from back burner to overdrive Just under 60 days from now, everything could change in the nuclear standoff between the Islamic Republic and Washington.

On Nakba Day, Hamas and Islamic Jihad vow to "Liberate Palestine" Defiant Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders said that the Palestinian struggle against Israel will continue until the “liberation of all Palestine.”

The Golan is next after Iran hit 3 Gulf oil targets, say Rev Guards associates Two staffers on Iranian Revolutionary Guards publications reported on Tuesday, May 14 that the Israeli Golan is Tehran’s next target after its attacks on UAE and Saudi oil infrastructure.