Saturday, July 08, 2017


Palestinians: Unesco Vote Proves Israel's Jerusalem Narrative False  Hamas spokesman claims resolution asserts rights of Palestinians in Jerusalem, Israeli Foreign Ministry states decision is 'sad, needless and pathetic'. 

Iran is on board new US-Russia truce deal in Syria  'The United States, Russia and regional countries reached a ceasefire deal in southwestern Syria,' a US official said on Friday, July 7 after the Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin ended their hotly-anticipated first encounter in Hamburg.  

G20 summit: Leaders agree to disagree on climate change  Leaders of 19 nations at the G20 summit in Germany have renewed their pledge to implement the Paris deal on climate change, despite the US withdrawing. 

Battle for Mosul: IS defeat imminent, says state TV  So-called Islamic State (IS) defences in the Iraqi city of Mosul are collapsing fast and troops expect to take full control in the next few hours, state television has announced. 

These American Jews are looking beyond the Western Wall - to the Temple Mount  A growing movement is pressing to restore the right of Jews to pray at the site of the biblical Jewish temples. 

Training The Next Generation Of Israeli 'Cyber Warriors'  Lt.-Col. Yaniv Ossi, commander of the computing school that trains hitech soldiers, talks of the threats and intentions to work more closely with academia to retain Israel's qualitative edge. 

Nikki Haley: Unesco Vote On Hebron Tragic, An Affront To History  US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley bashes UNESCO for declaring the Old City of Hebron and the Tomb of the Patriarchs to be part of Palestinian territory, warns that "it causes much harm." 

Countries boycotting Qatar rescind their demands  Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Bahrain rescind their 13 demands of Qatar, vow more measures against it. 

Summer camp in Samaria: firearm training for 10-year-olds  The Yakir settlement in Samaria runs a summer camp where children who finished in fourth and fifth grade were trained with a M16 rifle; some parents were outraged: 'This is a Hamas camp.

Islamic terrorists behead 9 civilians in Kenya  Al-Qaeda-aligned al-Shabab group has carried out a wave of attacks near the border with Somalia.