Wednesday, September 23, 2020


 ‘Palestinians’ Leader: Israel Conquering Biblical Borders of Nile to Euphrates In an interview with told Qatar’s Al-Araby TV last Tuesday, Fatah (PLO) Central Committee Member Azzam al-Ahmad warned Arab nations against the Abraham Accords, claiming that Israel aspires to dominate the entire region.

Trump at UN: More ‘Great’ Peace Deals With Israel ‘Shortly’ President Donald Trump told the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday that more peace deals with Israel, like the U.S.-brokered normalization agreements signed with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, were “coming fast.”

World War 3: Trump's dire warning before Iran 'captured' US warship fleet WORLD WAR 3 fears returned after Iran claimed to have captured a US warship in the Strait of Hormuz - with President Donald Trump previously warning the Islamic Republic that any conflict between the two would be the end of it.

Lukashenko and Erdogan Are Laughing at the EU The Cypriot veto against European sanctions on Belarus is a reminder that the EU must scrap unanimity in foreign policy.

China Joins Russian Military Exercises in North Caucasus China’s military reportedly joined large-scale Russian drills on Monday in southern Russia, part of the two nations’ continued efforts to increase their military cooperation.

How the UAE emerged as a regional powerhouse 2020 has been quite a year for the United Arab Emirates - the small but super-rich and mega-ambitious Gulf nation.

Jordan clings to two-state solution in wake of normalization deals With normalization deals being signed and regional dynamics in flux, Jordan is trying to adapt to what it fears is faltering Arab support for the Palestinian issue and a two-state solution.

Turkey: Erdoğan's Soft Spot for Hamas So far, Erdoğan's fanaticism has come without any cost to him internationally, or any damage to his domestic political survivability. He has every ideological and pragmatic reason to keep up his love affair with Hamas.

Turkey's Erdogan, France's Macron discuss Eastern Mediterranean tensions Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and France’s Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday they had held their first conversation in months following a standoff between the two NATO allies over mounting tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean.

When promoting Christian family values & querying LGBT lessons gets you fired, it’s clear the Bible is woke militia’s new target A British mum of two is suing her former employer after being sacked for posting online criticism of LGBT teaching.