Tuesday, January 02, 2018


5 Ways to View The Uprisings in Iran The following are five ways to look at the protests emerging in the Islamic Republic in debates among experts.

Security chief blames S. Arabia for Iran unrest TEHRAN - The recent riots in Iran were fueled by "proxy war" against Iran by certain countries including Saudi Arabia, secretary of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said on Monday.

Israeli Intel Minister: Iran Working to Upgrade Hamas Terror Capabilities Israel's Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz told an influential Knesset committee on Monday that Iran was working to upgrade the military capabilities of the Hamas terror group in the Gaza Strip.

Xi Jinping in New Year's Eve Speech: China Is 'Keeper of International Order' Chinese communist leader Xi Jinping assured listeners in his New Year's Eve speech that "China has something to say" on international issues in 2018, promising that under his regime, Beijing will be a "keeper of international order."

Abbas Spokesman: Jerusalem Law Equal to 'Declaration of War' on Palestinians Jerusalem is one of the most sensitive issues for both Palestinians and Israelis.

New 80-Majority Jerusalem Bill Has Loophole Enabling City to be Divided The bill requires a supermajority to give parts of Jerusalem to a foreign entity, but has a major loophole.

Jordan's Abdullah challenges Saudi rulers on Jerusalem King Abdullah of Jordan Sunday Dec. 31 proclaimed himself the Servant of the First Qibla and Third Holy Mosque, throwing a religious gauntlet down for Saudi rulers.

Arabs Attack Jewish Youths, Violently Force Them to 'Convert' to Islam Israeli Police arrested two Palestinians from east Jerusalem on Tuesday suspected of beating two young Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) boys and forcing them to say the Shahada, a testimony of faith that is said when converting to Islam.

In 2018, make Europe great again! At the start of 2017, the EU was under the double shock of the Brexit vote in the UK and the election of EU- and Nato-sceptic Donald Trump as US president.

Nigeria: Muslim gunmen murder 14 churchgoers returning from midnight service If the gunmen were Christian and the people were killed leaving a mosque, then the international media would be interested.