Saturday, July 31, 2021


Moscow’s changed line on Israel’s Syria raids followed first Putin-Biden summit Moscow confirms DEBKAfile’s exclusive of July 21, (Putin steps away from deal with Netanyahu for a blind eye on Syria air strikes), according to the Saudi publication Sharq al Awsat.

Biden Administration Takes Side of Russia, Syria, Iran, Hezbollah Against Israel Israel has for years been able to bomb targets in Syria virtually at will.

Israel issues stark warning to US: Iran's crossing nuclear threshold imminent Several Israeli officials including FM Yair Lapid and DM Benny Gantz relayed the message to US counterparts.

The US Is Undermining the Abraham Accords Official announcements from Washington herald the reduction of the US military presence in the Middle East.

Manufacturing of Unique Red Dye For Third Temple Begins On Sunday, a woman went out to collect tiny insects that once a year, produce the flame-colored dye that was used in the Temple.

Communist China's New Plan: Digital Currency Communist China is adding another element to its toolbox of surveilling and controlling its population.

The myth of "Occupied Palestinian Territories" -- Part 1 of 2 For those who still own an old encyclopedia that predates the mid-1960’s, look up “Palestinian.” Op-ed.

Iran nuclear program poses very serious threat to Israel - INSS to Herzog Iran has made significant progress in high levels of uranium enrichment, uranium metal production and in operating advanced centrifuges.

There Can Be No Stable EU-Russian Relationship Without Securing the Baltic States The undivided support of the EU and NATO is of foremost importance to maintain the balance against Russian until remedies for the systemic military and economic weakness of the Baltic and Eastern European countries are found.

Erdogan says conversion of Hagia Sophia to a mosque is ‘symbol of the revival’ of Turkish civilization A calculated insult to the tiny remnant of Christians in Turkey is a “symbol of the revival” of Turkish civilization. Erdogan thus suggests that a revived