Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Iraq starts operation to drive Islamic State from Anbar Pro-government forces in Iraq have formally launched an operation to drive Islamic State out of Anbar province.

US-China war 'inevitable' unless Washington drops demands over South China Sea Warning from state-run China newspaper as Beijing reveals plans for development of disputed South China Sea islands.

PM: Nuclear Iran 'A Thousand Times More Dangerous Than ISIS' As world powers reconvene talks with Iran ahead of next month's deadline for a deal over the Islamic Republic's nuclear program, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned that a nuclear-armed Iran would be "a thousand times more dangerous" than ISIS.

The world is drowning in debt, warns Goldman Sachs Ageing populations mean countries' debt piles risk growing out of control, warns European head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

Delivery of Russian S-300 missiles to Iran 'to be done at the soonest opportunity possible' "The negotiations on the subject have ended in success," Abdollahian explained and noted personally, "I estimate that the S-300 delivery will take place in quite a short time."

Polish politics shaken after newcomer wins elections Conservative newcomer Andrzej Duda has won the presidential elections in Poland stunning the political establishment and setting the scene for cliff-hanger general elections later this year.

Syrian TV goes dark, Damascus points fingers at foreign enemies Syria TV, a 24-hour rolling news channel, flickered on and off and then issued a news flash, before going totally dark, saying that signals were being interrupted.

Issue of Holocaust memory highlighted in Polish election Poles have excellent record in facing treatment of Jews.

Netanyahu offers to resume peace talks with settlement focus, official says Western diplomat says PM told EU foreign policy chief talks should define West Bank areas in which Israel can continue building; another diplomat says this is just 'illusion of progress'.

Turkey's election likely to thwart Erdogan's power move, highlight autocratic trends Turkey's democratic credentials have suffered as Erdogan's has tightened his grip.