Saturday, December 15, 2012


* Netanyahu: Kotel will Remain Jewish Forever Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu lit the eighth and final Hannukah candle at the Kotel Saturday evening.

* Muslims Riot, Jews Banned from Temple Mount Jews have been barred from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem until Sunday, the last day of Hannukah.

* Iran: U.S. Massacre Just Like Killings in Syria, Iraq Iran expressed condemnation Saturday of the Connecticut school massacre but added that there is "no difference" between it and the killing of children in various hotspots in the Middle East.

* Iran: Patriot missiles in Turkey risk 'world war' The planned deployment of NATO Patriot missiles along Turkey's border with Syria could lead to a "world war," Iran's military chief of staff was quoted as saying.

* New group unites young Palestinians in West Bank against Israel A new group of young Palestinians from divergent political streams has formed in the West Bank.

* Panetta signs order to send Patriot missiles to Turkey to help defend against Syria U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has signed an order to send two Patriot air defense missile batteries and 400 American troops to Turkey.

* North Koreans mark rocket success with mass rally North Korea has staged a mass rally in Pyongyang to celebrate Wednesday's long-range rocket launch.

* Egypt votes in referendum on constitution Egyptians decide on Saturday on a constitution promoted by its Islamist backers as the way out of a prolonged political crisis.

* Newtown school gunman forced his way in, police say The gunman who killed 20 children and six adults at a school in Newtown, Connecticut, forced his way into the building, police say.

* China to overtake EU and US by 2030, US intelligence says The era of American and European economic dominance has less than two decades left to run.