Thursday, November 01, 2012


* Military chief: EU becoming 'marginal' in Asia-centric world EU countries must share military resources or become "marginal" powers on the world stage, a Swedish general has said.

* Hezbollah's latest muscle-flexing shows it is under duress and looking for a fight Hezbollah has been flexing its muscles of late, sending a drone into Israel and establishing a surveillance and telecommunication system along the border.

* Barak: Israel won't outsource its security to anyone Israel will not outsource its vital security interests to anyone.

* Egypt's Brotherhood: Shariah must be charter base Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood said Wednesday it is committed to enshrining Islamic Shariah law as the main source of a new constitution.

* US warns Israel off pre-emptive strike on Iran US military commanders have warned their Israeli counterparts that any action against Iran would severely limit the ability of American forces in the region to mount their own operations against the Iranian nuclear program.

* Israeli history photo of the week: German emperor The Library of Congress has recently digitalized a collection of over 10,000 photographs, taken by the "American Colony" in Jerusalem.

* PLO leader calls for 'return' of W. Bank to Jordan Farouk Kaddoumi, a veteran PLO official, dropped a political bombshell Wednesday with a call for "returning" the West Bank to Jordan.

* U.S. Monitoring Iran's Activities in Sudan The United States said on Wednesday it was monitoring a visit by two Iranian warships to a Sudanese port this week.

* Syrian jets pound rebel strongholds across country Syrian warplanes pounded opposition strongholds around Damascus and in the north Wednesday as President Bashar Assad's forces intensified airstrikes following the failure of a U.N.-backed cease-fire.

* Morsi removed Arab peace plan from UN speech Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi omitted from his United Nations speech an affirmation of the Arab League peace plan that was in the advance text of his address.