Monday, January 23, 2012


* US carrier enters Gulf after Iran tones down threats USS Abraham Lincoln is the first US carrier in Gulf since December.
* European Union agrees on Iran oil embargo European Union nations have agreed on an oil embargo against Iran as part of sanctions over its nuclear program.
* PA Mufti Denies He Called to Kill Jews The PA’s principal religious leader denies he called for genocide of Jews, claims "sentences were cut from my speech."
* Christians in Iran, Syria face rising persecution Iranian pastor Nardakhani refuses to renounce Christian beliefs in exchange for release from prison.
* Iraq risks slipping into authoritarianism Human Rights Watch report says Iraqi authorities are suppressing freedoms, abusing anti-gov't protesters, using secret prisons.
* PM: Probe Jerusalem mufti who encouraged killing of Jews Netanyahu urges attorney general to order investigation against Palestinians' top Muslim cleric who cited hadith calling for religious battle against Jews.
* Republicans Downplay "One Israel" Resolution The Republican party has downplayed a national committee resolution that implicitly backs Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.
* Clinton, Peres speak in virtual peace conference Dignitaries speak in "Yala Young Leader's Conference for Peace" conference on Facebook.
* Russia to deliver combat jets to Syria $550-million deal envisages delivery of 36 Yak-130 aircraft.
* Egypt parliament holds first session since revolution Islamist MPs took centre stage on Monday as Egypt's parliament met for the first time since a popular uprising ousted Hosni Mubarak, while their supporters massed outside to cheer the historic event.