Saturday, November 14, 2020


 Applying the Abraham Accords to the Temple Mount Ironically, while Jews are forbidden from praying at the holiest site in Judaism, it is Muslims beyond Israel’s borders who are beginning to complain about how the site has been overrun by hostile Palestinians.

Analysis: How a Biden–Harris administration would unravel Middle East peace A Biden–Harris administration would likely undermine much of the progress towards Middle East peace that the Trump administration has made.

Iran offers Arab states 'mafia deal' of security or punishment after Trump The message was clearly aimed at Gulf states and others that are partnered with the US.

Abbas Finally Congratulates Biden, Said to Demand Reversal of Embassy Move Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday called on self-proclaimed president-elect Joe Biden to “strengthen the Palestinian-American relationship,” and was cited by a senior source as seeking the reversal of the U.S. embassy move by the incoming administration.

Are Israel and the US planning to attack Iran? An Israeli strike against Iran is extremely complicated and has always been viewed by the IDF as a last resort.

Iran: Mullahs Celebrate What They Hope Will Be the Return To Their Nuclear Bomb The Iranian regime has excitingly announced former U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden's possible victory in the US presidential elections and is celebrating that the next US administration will, they hope, be from the Democrat Party.

Biden and Israel: A Return to the Obama Era? US president-elect Joe Biden comes from a completely different background than either Donald Trump or Barack Obama.

Turkey is Seeking Global Power at America’s Expense Ankara’s desperate need to show itself as a leader of the Muslim world is harming U.S. interests.

Turkey Looks to Form It's Own Intergovernmental Military Alliance Competing with NATO A premiere Turkish newspaper recently published an article in which prominent academics called for the formation of a multinational army patterned after NATO that, according to its proponents, would be “one of the West’s greatest fears.”

‘Europe is ready’ to team up with Joe Biden on China European officials will soon contact the team of US President-elect Joe Biden to work together on China policies, in early signs that a transatlantic alliance is taking shape to tackle Beijing.

Arabs states draw closer to Israel to counter non-Arab powers Turkey and Iran “The Gulf states are not considered ‘kosher’ for leading the Sunnis,” according to Hay Eytan Cohen Yanarocak, an expert on Turkey at the Moshe Dayan Center at Tel Aviv University.