Tuesday, June 28, 2011


* Iran test fires long-range missiles capable of striking Israel, U.S. bases Iran's Revolutionary Guards tested 14 missiles on Tuesday.

* U.S., EU to present Mideast peace plan in last push to prevent Palestinian UN bid The Mideast Quartet is planning to present a new international peace plan at a summit in Washington on July 11.

* ICC chief prosecutor: 'Game over' for Gaddafi in 2-3 months "It is a matter of time ... Gaddafi will face charges. The arrest warrants are not going away," Hague prosecutor says.

* Netanyahu: Abbas, Just Say the Six Words Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called on Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas to "just say six words - I will accept the Jewish state".

* Mickey Mouse tweet by Egypt's Sawiris angers conservatives One of Egypt's richest men has been accused of mocking Islam after tweeting cartoons of Mickey and Minnie Mouse wearing conservative Muslim attire.

* IDF's Cyber-Commander Prepares Internet Assault "Computers and keyboards are the weapons, Facebook and Twitter are the battlefields. It is there that we fight, each and every day."

* Most Palestinians support UN statehood bid, poll finds Most Palestinians support the PA plan to seek statehood in the United Nations in September.

* 'Egyptian curricula states Jews, Christians are infidels' Egypt's school curriculum, laden with anti-Semitic and anti-Christian sentiment, must undergo drastic reform to comply with international standards.

* Horn of Africa sees 'worst drought in 60 years' More than 10 million people are thought to be affected across the region.

* Long-Serving Finance Minister Calls for Reforms to Bolster Russia's Power It has been an unusual season for Aleksei L. Kudrin, Russia's finance minister, one of Moscow's quietest and most powerful men.