Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Palestinians, Jewish settlers up in arms against Trump Middle East peace plan Settler leaders say 'very concerned' with Deal of the Century as Gaza rallies against Trump peace plan.

Trump peace plan gives Israel chunks of West Bank, creates Palestinian state 50-page political outline calls for four-year settlement freeze, but leaves many settlements intact, US officials say

Trump to reveal 'Deal of the Century' map US President Donald Trump will release his peace plan for Israel and the Palestinians on Tuesday and for the first time publicize a map outlining the borders of a proposed Palestinian state.

Rivals Hamas, PA hold 'emergency' meeting to strategize against Trump plan In a call for unity on the eve of President Trump's Mideast peace plan, the leaders of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas will be holding an "emergency" meeting on Tuesday in Ramallah to discuss a unified strategy in response.

Trump's Middle East peace plan: High stakes and low chances Hopes for peace between Israel and the Palestinians exist in a world that is stuck between the darkest hours of the night and a bright and false dawn.

IDF sends more troops to Jordan Valley ahead of Trump plan release No other reinforcements posted to West Bank, but military says it is conducting constant assessments amid fears of violence in response to so-called Deal of the Century.

Messiah's Gate of Mercy Being Used as Sanctuary for Terrorists Palestinian media posted a video of Israeli police entering the underground area adjacent to the Gate of Mercy, clearly showing that the area has been modified and now features a stage constructed on the southern wall for ritual purposes.

PLO calls for terror against Trump's deal: "Escalate the resistance and the struggle... in all its forms" In anticipation of the revelation of US President Trump's Middle East peace plan - the so-called "deal of the century" - the PLO, the PA, and Fatah are emphasizing their rejection of the still unknown plan.

Trump Pushes Netanyahu to Expand Biblical Borders of Israel as Commanded in Deuteronomy As Trump's 'Deal of the Century' is about to be revealed, the president's political largesse towards Israel might be the pathway for Prime Minister Netanyahu to fulfill his destined role; to lead Israel in fulfilling God's commandment to conquer the land.

Yesha Council chair: 'Shocked that PM agreed to Palestinian state in Judea, Samaria' Yesha leaders, now in Washington, demand PM refuse deal entailing establishment of Palestinian state - even at the expense of sovereignty.

Missing you already - how Brexit tilts EU political alliances Britain's exit from the EU is reshaping the balance of power in Europe, removing one of the bloc's two big military powers and one of the top contributors to its budget.