Thursday, December 31, 2015


New Year: Celebrations mark start of 2016  Countries around the world are marking the New Year, with festivities currently under way across Asia. 

Egyptian Air Force jets enter Gaza airspace in bombing raids  Egpytian Air Force jets bombed ISIS targets near the Egyptian town of Rafah and veered into Gaza. 

ISIS plotting 'to slaughter THOUSANDS' in 2016 in bid to spark huge FINAL BATTLE with West  ISIS is planning to massacre thousands of civilians in public places around the world in 2016 as it desperately seeks to draw the west into a titanic "final battle". 

Abbas's Fatah celebrates 51 years of terrorism  PA head's faction jubilantly marks a half-century of 'sowing terror among sons of Zion' since it's first attack on Jan. 1, 1965. 

Analysis: After Islamic State is defeated, Shi'ite forces to take over  From contiguous territory stretching from Afghanistan to Iran and through Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, Shi'ite influence would increase. 

Syrian army launches assault against rebels near border with Israel  Regime forces storm village of Samdaniya al Gharbiya in the Syrian Golan Heights. 

Time to move on from the two state solution  2015 may have spelled the end to the two-state solution; it's time to look at the alternatives. 

Iran: US lying about Straits of Hormuz rocket tests  Iran has accused the US of lying by claiming Iran test-fired rockets near American warships and other vessels in the Strait of Hormuz last week. 

What next for President Putin?  For the past two years the story of Vladimir Putin's Russia has been a tale of two halves. 

Statistics show Jewish, Arab fertility rates now even  Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics says Israel's population rose 2% in 2015 thanks to birth of 176,700 babies and 28,000 new olim.