Saturday, December 08, 2018


Inside the cloak-and-dagger search for sacred texts In the shadowy world where religion meets archaeology, scientists, collectors, and schemers are racing to find the most precious relics.

U.N.'S Failure To Condemn Hamas Shows U.S., Israel Have Work Ahead US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said that “we can’t talk about peace in the Middle East until we can agree on a basic condemnation of Hamas and its terrorism.”

In phone call, Putin tells Netanyahu military cooperation in Syria must improve Russian leader stresses importance of maintaining regional stability after receiving update on IDF operation to uncover and destroy Hezbollah attack tunnels from Lebanon.

The City of London is raising the odds that Brexit won't actually happen A rising of tide of City of London analysts now see an increased likelihood of the UK deciding not to leave the European Union after all, and simply cancelling Brexit.

Jerusalem: Holiest sites in the holy city The Holy Land’s capital, Jerusalem, is the spirituality epicenter with countless religious sites sacred to Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Hamas: Failure Of Us Resolution Will Boost 'Resistance' Against Israel Hamas, Fatah and other Palestinian factions said that the failure of the UN to support the resolution was a “slap in the face of America” and a “victory for the Palestinian resistance.”

UN Fails to Officially Condemn Hamas The United Nations has failed to officially condemn Hamas, even after the US and Israel managed to garner a strong majority in the General Assembly for a resolution doing just that.

After defeat in Iraq, IS fights on in last enclave in Syria A year after it was routed from Iraq in a devastating war that left entire neighborhoods and towns in ruins, the Islamic State group is fighting to hang on to its last enclave in eastern Syria, engaging in deadly battles with U.S.-backed forces.

Search For Temple Utensils Reveals City of Prophets Jim Barfield’s 12-year search for the Temple utensils revealed an unexpected discovery to an Oklahoma Noahide: a powerful spiritual connection between the mountaintop Temple in Jerusalem and at Qumran, located near to the deepest spot on the planet.

Can Israel and Jordan cooperate to save the dying Dead Sea? Both countries face critical water shortages, forcing them to come together and make tough choices.