Saturday, January 30, 2021


 Syrian Troops Spotted Amassing Near Israel's Mt Hermon Border Syrian media reported seeing Syrian Army Troops on the Lebanese side of the Hermon Mount on Monday night.

Return to Iran nuke deal means Mideast arms race, possibly war, former Israeli ambassador warns Former top Israeli diplomat Michael Oren says, “Joe Biden should not squander the leverage he has inherited.”

Iranian general: ‘We will level Tel Aviv if Israel makes slightest mistake’ Israel is “not yet aware” of all of Iran’s military capabilities, says Iranian army spokesperson.

What Does the Biden Presidency Mean for the Israeli Peace Deals? Here is how efforts at normalization may be impacted.

Int’l Holocaust Remembrance Day to focus on 1.5 million children killed by Nazis Global commemoration that marks Auschwitz-Birkenau’s liberation by Soviet forces on January 27, 1945, increasingly important as Holocaust denial rises

PA: The Holocaust was Europe repaying Jews for their “wickedness” Just in time for International Holocaust Remembrance Day tomorrow, the Palestinian Authority stressed and repeated its antisemitic views on Jews. 

US announces it’s renewing relations with Palestinians, seeking 2-state solution Biden Administration to reopen Palestinian diplomatic offices and restore aid, reversing Trump policies, acting envoy Richard Mills tells UN; vows ‘steadfast support for Israel’.

Biden administration to restore aid to Palestinians US President Joe Biden's administration will restore aid to the Palestinians that was cut by his predecessor Donald Trump and reopen diplomatic missions.

Israel, Don’t Trust Turkey Rumors are circulating that an Israeli-Turkish rapprochement might occur soon. Jerusalem and other regional capitals should not fall yet again for Ankara’s deceptions.

Pope Defends Biden's "Moral Evils" on Abortion As Joe Biden became the first Catholic in 60 years to sit in the White House last week, elements within the Catholic Church expressed disagreement with his policies on abortion which he has already begun to enact.