Saturday, April 06, 2019


Trump’s blacklisting of Iran’s Guards bodes tougher US oil sanctions, more IDF air strikes in W. Iraq as well as Syria President Donald Trump’s planned designation of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization on Monday, April 8 , will add to US steps for maximizing the economic pressure on Iran in the coming two months.

Hamas leader: ‘If there is a war, Israel will need to evacuate Tel Aviv’ Amid ceasefire talks, Yahya Sinwar says he is grateful for efforts by Egypt to ease the blockade on Gaza, but warns Hamas will be the ‘sword and shield’ for its people.

When is Trump going to roll out his Middle East Peace Plan? Dateline Washington: Between peace, Washington and Israel’s elections.

Experts: Russia, China Expanding Influence in Middle East as U.S. Steps Back America’s strategic adversaries Russia and China are trying to fill the power and security vacuum in the Middle East left behind by the United States by “exploiting the real and imagined U.S. absence for their own gains,” analysts testified before a House panel Wednesday.

Too much religion in the Knesset? The best estimate is that the religious and haredim will account for nearly a third (!) of the next Knesset. Should we be concerned that the Knesset is getting more religious?

'1 million Palestinians to settle in Jordan under Trump plan' Report says Trump peace plan includes Jordan ceding territory to Israel, settling 1 million Palestinians, forming confederation with PA.

What Is Behind the Opposition to Peace with Israel? Peace with Israel is purportedly a form of surrender and submission that will harm the dignity of Arabs and Muslims.

Germany Blames ‘Silver Spoon’ U.K. Elite for Brexit Chaos Erdogan: S-400 purchase from Russia will go ahead.

Israeli Attitudes Towards American Jews EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: As the Israeli elections approach, cleavages are revealing themselves in Israeli attitudes towards American Jews.

Inside the Chaos Surrounding Britain's Brexit Boondoggle Members of Parliament can’t even succeed at making up Brexit as they go along.