Friday, March 05, 2021


 Israel is updating attack plans against Iran's nuclear sites - Gantz Hezbollah has “hundreds of thousands of missiles” Defense Minister tells Fox News on Thursday. “What is going to happen to Lebanon?”

European countries drop planned condemnation of Iran France, Britain and Germany dropped resolution criticizing Iran for suspending some IAEA inspections.

Toward a Palestinian State? The US Confers Legitimacy on the Palestinian Authority and Hamas Since taking office, the Biden administration has been in direct contact with Palestinian Authority leaders, encouraged and assisted by Israeli leftists who want to bring a Palestinian state into existence as quickly as possible.

White House policy: No 'blank check' for Israel to pursue anti-American policies 'We will maintain our ironclad commitment to Israel's security, resume role as provider of viable two-state solution,' newly-released Biden document says.

PLO says $15 million per month being paid in terror stipends Prisoners’ affairs chief tells ToI as much as $181 million paid in 2020; PA payments to security prisoners, terrorists’ families, has brought international criticism.

Pope Francis on Iraq visit calls for end to violence and extremism Pope Francis has called for an end to violence and extremism, on the first ever papal visit to Iraq.

Russia and Iran Sign an Intelligence Pact The Islamic Republic of Iran has experienced a number of serious counterintelligence failures over the years. Last month, Iran and Russia, a close ally of the Islamic regime, signed a pact that should assist it as it attempts to reform its counterintelligence.

Iran on i24NEWS report: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain 'unlikely foolish enough' for defense pact with Israel Iran's ex-defense minister cited as warning that 'strong blows' will follow if Gulf states team up with Israel.

Erdogan urges lifting U.S. sanctions on Iran, return to JCPOA Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday that lifting U.S. sanctions on Iran over its nuclear work and returning to a 2015 nuclear deal will contribute to regional stability and economic prosperity.

Macron said Covid-19 jabs would be optional… so a Europe-wide vaccine passport should be a reason for France to leave the EU It’s unacceptable that the EU is pushing big brother authoritarianism on its member states via vaccine passports. French President Emmanuel Macron should stay true to his word and take a stand against this nanny statism.