Thursday, April 14, 2016


UK military expert: Israel must strike Iran - on its own  Col. Richard Kemp warns Europe is in a 'downward spiral,' calls upon Israel to strike Iran's nuclear facilities. 

'Our intelligence on Hamas has improved significantly,' senior security source says  IDF carefully watching Hamas's 25 battalions; source adds that military wing is gradually growing in power at expense of its political wing. 

Pentagon Developing Pre-Launch Cyber Attacks on Missiles  The Pentagon is developing cyber and other electronic weapons to attack enemy missile systems prior to launch as part of a new high-technology defense initiative, senior Pentagon officials disclosed to Congress on Wednesday. 

20,000 Hamas terrorists in Gaza  Senior officer reveals IDF has learned lessons of last war, while Hamas is 'deterred' and dealing with serious internal disputes. 

Israeli Arab MK to Palestinians: We must keep Jews off Temple Mount 'in any way possible'  A day after returning from a 2-month suspension, Joint List's Zahalka says "the increase in Jews who ascend [the complex] will cause the third intifada." 

Report: Islamic State Destroys 2,000-Year-Old 'Gate of God' in Mosul Sources in Mosul, Iraq, have reported that the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) used military equipment to destroy the ancient monument known as the Gate of God. 

Is Obama planning his revenge on Netanyahu?  How likely is it that the US will bring forward a proposal to the UN Security Council? It depends who you ask. 

Russia denies breaking rules over low pass of US destroyer  Russia says it observed all required safety measures when its aircraft flew close to a US warship in international waters of the Baltic Sea on Monday. 

US accuses Israel of using 'excessive force' against Palestinians  The US State Department has accused Israel of using 'excessive force' against Palestinians, adding that the Israeli Army killed Palestinians even when they did not pose extreme danger. The statements were made in a newly released annual report.