Saturday, October 28, 2017


The University Of Houston: Promoting Genocide And Praising Hitler  'Palestine will be the 2nd place of the Holocaust for the Yahood [Jews].' 

Report: U.S. Troops Need to Remain in Middle East Post-ISIS to Block Iran "Land Bridge"  Iran routinely sends weapons to the Bashar al-Assad regime and Hezbollah terrorists. 

Militias vs. Palestinian "Reconciliation"  Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas says he does not want to see "militias" in the Gaza Strip if and when the "reconciliation" agreement he reached with Hamas is implemented. 

Mattis: North Korea nuclear threat accelerating  The threat of nuclear attack from North Korea is increasing, US Defence Secretary James Mattis said during a visit to South Korea. 

DoD Trains For EMP Blackout Event  The U.S. military and amateur radio operators across the country will be taking part in a training exercised based on a scenario in which a coronal mass ejection leads to complete disruption of the U.S. electric grid and all forms of communication in the country. 

Baghdad And Tehran's Goal: The Destruction Of Kurdistan  The assault by the Shi'a militias and the Iraqis, it should be noted as a final irony, is being carried out largely with US-supplied weapons. 

White Evangelicals Used To Dominate Christian Zionism, But Not Anymore  'The Atlantic' explores how the Christian Zionist movement is undergoing a transformation, both theologically and geographically. 

Catalonia declares independence, Spain imposes direct rule  Spanish PM dismisses Catalan government, calls for election after Catalonia declares independence. 

'Muhammad' is the Future of Europe  French President Emmanuel Macron this summer ended up in the middle of a political storm -- with accusations of "racism" -- for saying that women "with seven or eight children" are responsible for the current condition of the African continent, thus creating a challenge, according to Macron, that is "civilizational". 

Facebook, Social Media, Aiding Jihad; Censoring Those Who Counter Jihad  For the past few years, large social media and other online companies have been seeking to restrict or even criminalize content that could be construed as critical of Islam or Muslims, including when the material simply exposes the words and actions of radical Islamists.