Monday, August 10, 2015


Poll: Most Israelis Own a Bible, Revere the Word of God A survey conducted late last month revealed that nearly all Israeli Jews own a Bible, that most revere it as the holy Word of God, and that nearly half the Jewish population still reads from the Scriptures at least on occasion.

Russia and US woo Saudis to help save Assad - albeit putting Israel and Jordan in danger from S. Syria Building on the nuclear accord signed in Vienna last month, the Obama administration has been in close communion with Moscow and Tehran on regional moves to save the Assad regime, as the key to their next regional policies, including a united front against the Islamic State.. Saudi Arabia and its Gulf partners are being assiduously wooed to join the new alignment being set up for this purpose. 

Vatican: Anti-Christian violence crosses 'red line' in Israel Senior adviser to the Catholic church in the Holy Land calls on the government to crack down on Jewish extremists.

Israel 'forgotten' by Egypt yet again Analysis: While the diplomatic relationship between the two countries is thriving under the table, Israel wasn't invited to the inauguration of the new Suez Canal - along with Egypt's three main enemies.

To ready for the final redemption, Israelis take red heifers by the horns The Temple Institute wants to raise $125,000 to breed the holy cows used in an ancient - and future, it hopes - purification rite.

Hamas Tests Missile Upgrades, Vows 'Difficult Days' After week with 3 missile attacks, Hamas presses domestic rocketry as it welcomes stabbing, threatening 'difficult days' for Israel.

Gunmen Fire on US Consulate in Istanbul Gunfire reported after bomb attack at a police station in Istanbul that injured at least five officers.

ISIS Plan to Assassinate Queen Elizabeth Exposed Intelligence reports indicate ISIS in Syria arranging bombing at next Saturday's VJ Day to kill the Queen of England - no arrests made yet.

Obama: Netanyahu's 'Interference' in US Affairs 'Unprecedented' In interview to be aired Sunday night, Obama suggests no other foreign leader has 'injected himself' into a US affair like Netanyahu has.

Greece hopes for bailout deal this week The Greek government hopes negotiations for a new bailout will be concluded this week, with eurozone finance ministers possibly endorsing the plan as soon as Friday (14 August).