Monday, January 21, 2019


Did War Just Begin? IAF Strikes and Iranian Fires Rocket at Golan A daring Israeli daylight airstrike led to Iranian forces in Syria firing a rocket at the Golan leading an Israeli minister to call this "open confrontation with Iran."

Iran ready to 'eliminate Israel from Earth,' air force commander warns The head of Iran's air force has warned that Tehran is ready to "confront" and "eliminate" Israel.

Firing at Golan, Iran seeks new balance of deterrence with Israel; it may fail Expansive IDF assault on Iranian installations reveals to all parties, and especially Tehran, that the Jewish state retains the upper hand on its northern frontier.

IDF: Iran's Al Qods aimed the Fateh-110 missile at Golan, which Iron Dome intercepted The ground-to-ground missile aimed at the Golan on Sunday, Jan. 20 was fired by Al Qods and made in Iran, the IDF spokesman said Monday.

Netanyahu: 'We will hurt anyone who tries to harm us' Prime Minister blasts Iran, Syria following attack on the Golan Heights. 'We will not ignore acts of Iranian aggression.'

Israel, in rare move, announces attacks on Iranian targets in Syria, delivers warning Israel confirmed early Monday that its military attacked Iranian targets in Syria, in a rare statement on such an operation.

'We are prepared to eliminate Israel' Iranian air force chief says Tehran regime prepared for 'decisive battle' with Jewish state which will lead to its destruction.

Brexit: What Europe wants The EU's preferred option is for Britain to stay. Failing that, Brussels would like the UK to remain as close as possible. For now, though, Europe's leaders just want some clarity on what the British government wants.

EU Calls for New Palestinian Elections, Expresses 'Concern' with Lack of Democracy In light of the continued power struggle between Fatah and Hamas, the prospect of holding new elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is slim to none.

What Triggered Ideological Battles Between Jews and Christians? Even through Christian evangelicals around the world today tend to support Israel and support its right to exist, know that Jesus was born Jewish and believe in the Hebrew Bible, the Jewish-Christian relationship over the millennia has been fraught with conflict - and the Jews were always victims on the receiving side.