Friday, January 15, 2016


Claims of Russian arms transfers to Hezbollah worry Israel  Hezbollah feared to now pose a greater threat to Israel since Russia entered the Syrian fray; analysts say, however, that Hezbollah is bogged down in Syria and it's unlikely that Russia would directly transfer weapons to the terrorist organization. 

ISIS using Android app to send encrypted messages, plan attacks  Islamic State has built its own secure Android messaging app, according to a counter-terrorism network affiliated with the hacktivist group Anonymous. 

Rough Relations Between Russia, Turkey Complicate ISIS Fight  Turkish police detained three Russian citizens with suspected connections to ISIS this week as part of a nationwide security sweep following a suicide bombing on Tuesday. 

Jihadists Massacre 60 in Car Bomb Attack, Take Over Somali Military Base  In an early morning ambush, Islamic terrorists of the radical al-Shabaab group attacked an African Union military base in southern Somalia Friday, breaching the walls by exploding a car bomb and overrunning the base. 

Palestinian Children Wear Mock Suicide Belts in Bethlehem Parade  In what can only be described as a celebration of violence and death, young Palestinian children participated in a Bethlehem parade last week by dressing up as armed terrorists, complete with mock suicide belts. 

Survey: Russia bypasses Israel as biggest threat to Turkey  According to a public perception survey, Russia has ended Israel's four year reign as the biggest threat to Turkey. 

Christian Persecution Reaches Global Historic High, Thanks to Rise of Radical Islam  Christian persecution is at an historic high thanks to global rise of religious fundamentalism, most notably by radical Islam, Christian charity Open Doors has found. 

Navy: Hezbollah may strike Israeli ships from Syria with Russian made missiles  The naval commander listed a number of maritime threats with which Israel must contend, ranging from Hezbollah and Syria in the north to ISIS and Hamas in the south. 

PA TV children's show: 'The Jews murdered Arafat'  Abbas's PA continues spreading its incitement young, with host of children's show supporting girl's blood libel of arch-terrorist. 

Are Arab media correct? Is Obama really campaigning for top 'messianic' UN job?  President Barak Obama repeatedly refers to the end of his time in office and claims he is no longer campaigning.