Thursday, August 02, 2018


IAF kills 7 ISIS Militants 200 meters from Golan Heights border The ISIS members were 200 meters from the Israeli border, the army said.

Regev in east Jerusalem: Palestinians don't have deep roots here 'No matter how deep they dig, a Palestinian coin won't be found here,' culture minister says at launch ceremony for Yemenite heritage project in Silwan; on Nationality Law she adds, 'Only the Jewish people are entitled to national rights between the river and the sea.'

PM: Israel will help open narrow strait in Red Sea if Iran closes it In a multi-front confrontation, he said, "we'll be less selective, and the damage to our enemies will be more difficult. I hope they will take this into account."

ANALYSIS: Have Iranian forces withdrawn from the Israeli border in Syria? On Monday, the pro-Assad coalition in Syria finally finished off the last pockets of Islamist resistance along the Israeli border on the Golan Heights after a six-week-long campaign which included the 'liberation' of the Daraa and Kuneitra provinces in southwest Syria.

Iran gearing up for major drill threatening to shut Strait of Hormuz CNN says Islamic Revolutionary Guards readying for exercise, possibly with 48 hours, to demonstrate ability to shut waterway vital for international shipping, global energy supplies.

Brexit or Armageddon? Depends who you ask Brexit is looming and so is Armageddon, if you believe the headlines in Britain.

How defining anti-Semitism became a defining problem for the UK Labour party Leader Jeremy Corbyn is widely accused of tolerating or ignoring anti-Semitism disguised as anti-Israel speech, among other forms of Jew hatred.

Jeremy Corbyn Praised Hamas Terrorists as 'Brothers' on Iran State TV UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of giving his personal support to murderous anti-Israel Hamas terrorists who between them killed upwards of 600 people.

Media Comment: Is Our State Democratic? The law does not prevent the election of a non-Jewish prime minister. So what is the whole brouhaha about?

Netanyahu: If Iran tries to block Bab al-Mandeb, it will face a coalition with Israel in full military array Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned on Wednesday, Aug. 1, that Israel would be there if Iran tried to block the Red Sea's Bab al-Mandeb Straits.