Saturday, December 29, 2018


1 in 5 non-Christians in France has never heard of the Holocaust, survey finds Ignorance about the Holocaust and revisionism appear strongest among far-right and far-left voters.

Russia Blames Israel for Endangering Civilian Flights in Damascus Strike Russia blamed Israel on Wednesday for launching an airstrike on Tuesday night near Damascus, threatening civilian flights.

Christmas is a "Palestinian symbol" and "Jesus was the first Palestinian," says senior Fatah leader For years, the Palestinian Authority and Fatah have presented Jesus as a Palestinian, as part of its fabricating an ancient Palestinian history.

Russia, Turkey agree to coordinate on Syria after US pullout Russia and Turkey on Saturday agreed to coordinate ground operations in Syria after last week's shock announcement of a US military withdrawal, Moscow's top diplomat said.

Israel’s Golden Age Of Tourism The Tourism Ministry expects the number of incoming tourists to exceed 4 million; the country must ensure that infrastructure catches up and grows in tandem.

With U.S. Withdrawing From Syria, Strained Israeli-Russian Relations Take Center Stage After airing out their disagreements at the UN, Jerusalem and Moscow have signaled a willingness to move beyond crisis over beyond downed Russian plane.

The Mission in Syria Was Mission Creep The aim of defeating ISIS shifted to that of fighting Iran and establishing regime change in Damascus.

Romania not fit for EU presidency, says EU's Jean-Claude Juncker Romanian President Klaus Iohannis admitted last month his country was not ready to assume the six-month EU presidency.

UK Welcomes Extremists, Bans Critics of Extremists The British government's idea of who is -- and who is not -- a legitimate asylum seeker becomes stranger by the month.

Scrap over Manbij opens door for Russia and Assad’s troops to take control of NE. Syria One of Bashar Assad’s best weeks in years – and one of Tayyip Erdogan’s worst – peaked on Friday, Dec. 28.