Monday, July 25, 2011


* Ayalon Challenges PA to a Duel Deputy Foreign Minister challenges PA leadership to a debate ahead of September, as PA condemns successful Israeli info-video.

* PA Uses Archaeology "To Rewrite History of Palestine" PA says archaeology dig in Shechem, which the Bible says was bought by Jacob, will help "writing or rewriting the history of Palestine."

* Ramadan may hold the key to the Arab Spring Most observers of Arab politics are betting that the special practices of Ramadan are likely to stir the pot - but only after dark.

* China, Iran discussing barter system to bypass sanctions Sanctions forbid dealing with Iran in dollar trading; trading services, goods, softer currencies could undermine process.

* Abbas Claims PA "Forced" to UN Statehood Bid PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas claims the entity's UN bid for recognition as a new country was "forced" on it by Israel.

* "Oslo Generation" Joins Army Youths born when Israel signed the Oslo Accords with the PLO are now 18 and joining the army, highly motivated after childhood under terror.

* Biblical Jewish Roots Irrelevant, Says PA Activist The Bible is an "ancient holy book" that is irrelevant in the Palestinian Authority aim for all of Judea and Samaria, a PA activist says.

* Arab Spring let Palestinians ramp up Gaza arms smuggling In the past months, Hamas has acquired improved rockets, ready-made explosive devices, anti-tank missiles and possibly anti-aircraft missiles.

* US Protests Iran’s Anti-Christian "Convert of Die" Verdict Iran upholds a "choose Islam or die" verdict for a Christian pastor.

* Holy Land clerics launch interfaith Earth forum Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders in the Holy Land joined forces Monday to launch a multi-faith environmental campaign, citing religious injunctions to protect the Earth across their three faiths.