Friday, August 02, 2019


How Israel and Iran Would Unleash War upon Each Other Israel has bought 19 F-35s, which are scheduled to begin arriving in 2017.

Iran's axis of resistance' Mapped: How Middle East is creating Cold War 2 Iran and the US may have only entered into a war of words so far, but both nations possess a large network of dedicated allies in the Middle East - leading many to fear that a Cold War is developing in the region.

'Time to eliminate Revolutionary Guard leader' Analyst of Arab issues says Iran knows they have no business in Syria, Iraq, suggests eliminating Revolutionary Guard's terror leader.

Russia to facilitate US-Iran render vows to ease growing tensions - 'Meeting this month' Russia will intervene to allow US and Iranian diplomats to meet and discuss growing tensions between the two countries later this month, former Pentagon official Michael Maloof has claimed.

Saudis and UAE begin quiet talks with Tehran in epic Gulf somersault The UAE and Saudi Arabia have quietly embarked on talks with Tehran, after waiting in vain for two months for US forces to punish Iran for attacking their oil facilities.

'Netanyahu can even bring the messiah' Maariv analyst: PM Netanyahu is up against 'deaf' man, Labor leader will become known as he who buried Left's hope of reclaiming power.

Turkey and NATO - The End? Turkey has been a valued member of NATO for 67 years because of its geostrategic position between Europe and Asia, it being part of the Middle East and the Muslim world and its proven military might.

EU tells new UK envoy there's no renegotiating Brexit deal The European Union has told Britain's new Europe adviser that it isn't prepared to renegotiate the Brexit agreement, three months before the country is due to leave the 28-nation bloc.

US and Russia end weapons pact, sparking fears of new arms race US to test new missile that had been banned under INF arms control treaty, Pompeo blames Russia for violating agreement for years; Moscow urges moratorium.

Archaeologists May Have Discovered Hometown of Goliath-But Still Insist He Never Existed Archeologists have been digging at Tell es-Safi in southern Israel for over two decades but the finds uncovered in the past season have them convinced the site is the location of Biblical Gath.