Wednesday, May 25, 2016


'Increase in aliya among youth and academic professionals'  Increasing numbers of new immigrants arrive to Israel from all over the world, Central Bureau of Statistics finds. 

Entering Knesset, Temple Mount activist brushes off doomsday predictions  While critics warn of explosion, Yehuda Glick says he will advocate for change of 'absurd and evil' status quo at holy site, defends Reform Jews; Palestinians seemingly unfazed. 

Iran's defense minister: 'Zionist conspiracy' to blame for Iraq, Syrian conflicts  "What is today happening in Syria and Iraq is a deep-seated US-Zionist conspiracy that has triggered war in Muslim territories." 

Blair talks up prospects of Israel-Sunni normalization  Much will depend on Israel's response to the Arab Peace Initiative, says ex-UK PM; Netanyahu reportedly told Sissi last week he wants to make progress. 

Jordan's king on Independence Day: We'll defend Arab identity of Palestine  Abdullah addressed his subjects to mark the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Hashemite monarchy.

Christians in England, Wales now outnumbered by people of no religion  Churches steadily losing members, study finds, as number of unaffiliated citizens grows. 

ISIL promotes Sinai hotbed as new front against Israel  Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) is using the Sinai Peninsula as a 'steppingstone' for attacks against Israel, according to a report by national security correspondent Rowan Scarborough. 

How PA schools prepare the next generation of terrorists  Palestinian Authority schools use mock executions of Israelis and propaganda plays to prepare the next generation of murderous terrorists. 

US pro-gun lobby to 'Ayatollahs of Iran': You haven't met alligator wrestlers, cowboys of America  NRA ad featuring gravel-voiced American Country singer makes rounds on the Internet Wednesday for it's brazen threat directed at Iran. 

What's the future of American Jewry?  Knesset Committee holds hearing on the symbiosis between Israel and American Jews - and how one can save the other.