Wednesday, September 30, 2020


 UAE: Palestinian state at ’67 lines a must despite peace deal with Israel  Palestinians have charged that the UAE and Bahrain had betrayed them by singing normalization deals with Israel.

UN will ‘lose its right to exist’ if it doesn’t treat Israel fairly, envoy says Ahead of Netanyahu’s General Assembly speech, Gilad Erdan warns international body must change its approach to the Jewish state if it wants to remain relevant.

WATCH – Netanyahu at U.N. Reveals Hezbollah Arms Depot, Warns Another Explosion Will Rock Beirut In his address to the United Nations on Tuesday, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu exposed a secret arms depot belonging to the Iranian-backed Hezbollah in a residential area near Beirut’s International Airport, warning of another devastating explosion and calling on the Lebanese people to protest against the terror group.

Europe Out of the Loop in New Middle East In the capitals of Europe, there is as yet only limited understanding of the new and emergent strategic realities of the Middle East. 

Armenia says its fighter jet 'shot down by Turkey' Armenia says one of its fighter jets was shot down by a Turkish jet in a major escalation of the conflict over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region.

As war breaks out between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Rabbis make Gog-Magog connection On Tuesday, Armenia claimed that neighboring Azerbaijan shot down one of its warplanes, killing the pilot, over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region of the border.

Libya: A Country Up for Grabs? Libya has become the site of a proxy war between Russia and Turkey. For peace to prevail in Libya, a clear American strategy of engagement is imperative.

UN meeting that began with unity concludes with divisions The U_N_ General Assembly meeting began with a declaration that the urgency for all countries to unite “has rarely been greater.”

Russia Claims NATO Military Activity Observed Near the Border Even though Moscow and Washington do this to each other all the time, neither likes it when the other sends its patrols too close.

2020, the year China defeated the West The alternative world order planned by China finds fertile ground in a West riddled with liberal self-hatred and anti-Americanism. Op-ed.