Wednesday, December 04, 2019


Netanyahu to press Pompeo for more pressure on 'tottering' Iran Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu traveled to Portugal Wednesday to meet US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and call for increased pressure on the "tottering" Iranian government.

Iran's bloody crackdown could mark a historic turning point Iranian authorities finally admitted that they killed protesters in the country's streets.

Egypt said to be brokering 5-year ceasefire deal between Israel & Hamas Part of the agreement outlines infrastructure projects for Gaza including an artificial "sea port".

Hitler 'was defending European civilization'? Italian professor to face discipline for Nazi tweets The university's rector issued a statement condemning the "shameful" posts, stating that they "offend the sensitivity of the entire University."

US officials said to warn of potential new Iran threat to forces, interests Defense, administration sources say CNN intelligence gathered over past month showed Iranian military units, weapons on the move; believe no decision to attack as yet.

NATO Turns to Threats From Within as Turkey Defies Bloc Turkey's recalcitrance against NATO norms, on display at this week's London summit, are causing grave concern among some of the alliance's most powerful leaders.

Israel hails win as 13 states oppose UN pro-Palestinian resolution In a surprising break from previous years, thirteen countries voted to oppose an annual resolution buoying a pro-Palestinian UN agency traditionally critical of Israel, according to The Times of Israel.

Rashida Tlaib equates Mexican border with Gaza This was far from the only controversial comment about Israel made at the event.

Leaked Video Shows Bernie Sanders Apparatchik Linda Sarsour Going On Anti-Semitic Rant With the U.K. election in the news, talk of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's antisemitism has been at the forefront.

PA official claims Herzl wanted Palestinians to 'be eaten in Africa' In a recent sermon, a top PA religious official criticized Theodor Herzl as racist and Arthur Balfour as an antisemite.