Monday, August 09, 2010


* Inside Look at Advanced Hamas Arsenal Gaza's ruling Hamas terrorist organization has managed to amass an advanced arsenal as it prepares to wage war against Israel, despite the best efforts of the Jewish State to prevent the entry of materials that would allow the group to manufacture the advanced weapons.

* Giant Brazilian Temple Replica Panned as 'Mockery' Temple Institute in Jerusalem says plan by a controversial Brazilian Pentecostal church to build a mammoth $200 million Holy Temple replica is "self-aggrandizement."

* Egyptian minister calls on Muslims to flood J’lem Arab pilgrims seen as more effective than the failed boycott.

* US to sell Saudis F-15 fighter jets Long-range weaponry reportedly not included in proposed $30b. deal.

* Russian textbook seen as anti-Semitic Russian Ministry of Education approved the book on country's history.

* Germany closes jihad-linked mosque Sept. 11 attackers once frequented Taiba prayer house.

* Turkey names new military chiefs after row Turkey's government has appointed generals to two top posts, ending a stand-off with the military.

* India Asks, Should Food Be a Right for the Poor? Inside the drab district hospital, where dogs patter down the corridors, sniffing for food, Ratan Bhuria’s children are curled together in the malnutrition ward, hovering at the edge of starvation. His daughter, Nani, is 4 and weighs 20 pounds.

* Gaza Arabs Get Second Chance on Greenhouses The U.S. will be giving Gaza Arabs a second chance, providing them with new greenhouses to replace the Gush Katif originals they demolished.

* Israeli PM: Turkey looked for a fight on ship Israel's prime minister defended the deadly commando raid on an international flotilla protesting the Gaza blockade before an internal inquiry commission Monday, suggesting that Turkey had sought the violent confrontation on the high seas.