Thursday, February 04, 2016


Russia says it suspects Turkey of preparing military incursion in Syria  Russian jets have been striking rebel and jihadi fighters for four months in Syria, including Islamic State militants as well as fighters backed by Turkey and Gulf Arab states. 

ISIS release chilling video of English-speaking child beheading hostage and threatening America  A chilling ISIS video has emerged showing an English-speaking child beheading a hostage. 

Embassy of 'Palestine' established in Brazil  PA erects its first embassy in the Americas, raising the security concerns of locals over the 'sovereign Hamas area'. 

Iraq building security wall around Baghdad  Iraq is building a three-metre-high security wall and trench defences around Baghdad in an effort to thwart jihadist attacks, a security official said on Thursday. 

Iran army chief: Missile program a threat to our enemies, Israel should know what that means  Opposition to Israel, which Tehran refuses to recognize since its 1979 Islamic revolution, is a central policy in the Muslim Shi'ite-dominated country. 

Smuggled gold bars and steroids uncovered in EU diplomat's car at Israel-Jordan border  The goods were discovered by customs officials as the representative and his driver attempted to enter into Israel from Jordan. 

Former Shas head Yishai: Western Wall plan will see Reform Jews 'putting tefillin on dogs'  Former leader of Sephardic ultra-Orthodox party blasts cabinet decision to create egalitarian prayer space "an attack on the Holy of Holies." 

Analysis: Kurds taking baby steps toward independence  While the constellation of events on the ground appears to work to the Kurds' advantage, internal divisions, opposition from regional states and geography continue to impede rapid progress. 

10,000 French immigrants expected to arrive in 2016  Arielle Di Porto, director of aliya at the Jewish Agency, said that most of those coming from France are young families with children. 

EU referendum: Leaders 'not happy' with UK reform proposals  None of David Cameron's fellow EU leaders are happy with his reform proposals as they stand, a source close to the negotiations has told the BBC.