Monday, September 11, 2017


WATCH: You've Never Seen the Temple Like This Before At Brickworld Chicago 2017 this summer, one magnificent custom creation couldn't help but attract attention: an incredibly detailed, scale model of the Second Temple, built entirely from LEGO pieces by Jewish Expert LEGO builder Yitzy Kasowitz.

'Trains will soon reach Temple Mount' Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz says that he intends to extend Jerusalem train line to go all the way to Temple Mount.

IS attack on Sinai convoy 'kills 18 Egyptian police' At least 18 policemen have been killed in an attack on a convoy in Egypt's Sinai peninsula claimed by so-called Islamic State, security sources say.

'If Assad wants to survive, he needs to keep Iran out of Syria' Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked addressed some of the major threats emanating from Israel's neighboring countries, warning that Syria's Assad has to counter the growing Iranian stronghold.

US-Russian pincer for ISIS in Euphrates Valley The US and Russia have just agreed to each provide air support for a conjoined pincer movement to pin the Islamic State down in its last strongholds of Abu Kamal and Mayadin in the Euphrates Valley.

5,844 Days Later: Reflections on 9/11 The events of the day that prompted the war on terror, which continues on today.

Netanyahu Depicted as Hitler in Argentina Posters Ahead of Key Visit One of the posters shows Netanyahu in an SS uniform with the words: "Get out Zionists from Palestine. Get out Netanyahu."

'Nuclear Iran is the greatest threat to Israel' Education Minister says a nuclear Iran would not result in a Cold War but would prevent Israel from serving as a safe haven for Jews.