Monday, September 09, 2019


Iran, Hizballah's new ground rules: Instant reprisal for Israeli strikes The swiftness of the pro-Iranian militia's missile attack on IDF Hermon positions on Monday, Sept.9 - hours after an unidentified air strike on their Abu Kamal bases near the Syria-Iraq border.

Syria war: 'Air strikes' hit Iran-backed forces near Iraq border Warplanes have struck positions of Iran-backed militias near Syria's border with Iraq, activists say.

Israel's Prime Minister Faces a War on Two Fronts Netanyahu battles enemies at home while holding off a fight in Lebanon.

Iran Ready to "Wipe the Zionist Regime off the Map" If, for any reason, the Israeli government ever issued a declaration, about destroying Iran "in half an hour," as Iran recently said about Israel, we would probably never hear the end of the criticism from all parts of the world.

IDF Drill Simulates War with Hezbollah The Times of Israel reports: The Israel Defense Forces on Sunday launched a large-scale exercise simulating war against Hezbollah and other pro-Iranian forces in the north of the country.

Israeli State Prosecutor Channels Sanhedrin by Visiting Location of Holy of Holies Shai Nitzan, the State Attorney of Israel since 2013, visited the Temple Mount along with several other members of the Israeli justice department last Monday, ostensibly as part of their duties in administering the site.

What happens if Trump's foreign enemies unite? Iranian President Hassan Rouhani today called for greater ties with North Korea, as the hermit kingdom celebrates the 71st anniversary of the foundation of its republic.

'Time has come': French ministers urge easing of tensions with Russia during key meeting in Moscow In a landmark meeting of top French and Russian ministers, Paris has signaled it wants to patch up relations with Moscow to ensure European security, as the alternative only risks greater trouble.

Boris Johnson plotting scheme to render EU 'no longer legal' in desperate bid to escape Brexit trap Boris Johnson is threatening to sabotage the EU to make it cave in on a Brexit deal - or reject MPs' plan to stop the UK crashing out of the bloc.

Tiny First Temple seal impression found with name of Bible-era royal steward Inscribed with 'Belonging to Adoniyahu, Royal Steward,' a clay sealing from the 7th century BCE uncovered from earth excavated at the foundations of the Western Wall.