Thursday, March 10, 2011


* Renovations Underway at the Holy Temple Mount The 35-acre compound Muslims know as Haram Al-Sharif, or Noble Sanctuary, is the third holiest site in Islam.

* Ayalon: Upgrade of PA mission doesn't change reality Denmark's decision of only "virtual upgrade" to the status of the Palestinian delegation does not change realities on the ground, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said.

* Libya: France recognises rebels as government France has become the first country to recognise the Libyan rebel leadership, the National Libyan Council (NLC), as the country's legitimate government.

* Libya in shuttle diplomacy ahead of EU summit As fighting continues in Libya, envoys of both the Gaddafi regime and the newly-formed rebel leadership have travelled to Europe for last-minute diplomacy.

* Revolts Raise Fear of Migration in Europe Until a few weeks ago, the immigrant transfer center on this tiny Mediterranean island — a kind of Italian Ellis Island — was empty.

* Iran's Arming of Afghan Insurgents Hits Lethal Level British Foreign Minister William Hague has lashed out at Iran after extensive tests verified without a doubt that 122 mm rockets intercepted by the British Special Air Services in Southern Afghanistan were being shipped by Iran to the Taliban there.

* Assad eyes Gaddafi's place on UN Human Rights Council Geneva-based human rights group UN Watch reported Wednesday that Syria has announced it will compete for a seat in the council.

* Saudi protestors warned Saudi Arabia's foreign minister said Wednesday that dialogue - not protests - is the way to bring reform.

* Egypt presidential hopeful Moussa wants to keep peace with Israel Arab League Secretary General and potential Egyptian presidential candidate Amr Moussa implied that he would maintain peace ties with Israel if elected to office.

* U.K.: Mideast peace process is too vital to fail over regional turmoil Britain warned on Tuesday of a risk that the Middle East peace process could fall victim to the unrest sweeping the region if Israel and the Palestinians don't return quickly to stalled talks.